Training on full speed ahead for a 5k……

After all the excitement of last week Brenda and I have come back down to earth and got on with our daily tasks of trying to get fit and achieve our weight-loss goals.

We have got so much going on in our minds with thinking about the £12,000 we need to raise but cannot avoid the fact that we have a 5k to run in less than 2 months.

We have managed to get a few walks in but I have been battling with a viral infection in my chest and throat which has been holding me back and totally getting me down.

Brenda had been looking at the Supernova website and came across the times for the runners last years, she saw that the time for the last place runner was 1 hour and 10 minutes and we decided that this will be our target to beat.  It feels achievable and not too scary for me!

As it happens we were out last weekend and walked across the new Queensferry crossing, we were two of the lucky 50,000 that got to walk across it, and as well as enjoying the view and experience we thought it would be good to gauge how our walking is going.  The distance marked out on the bridge was 2.74km so we took this as the distance to time ourselves, but obviously we didn’t think about the fact that we would be stopping and taking pictures every 5 minutes and zig zagging across to see the different views!  Our time to cross was 1 hour…..oops!  We came away feeling a bit pants and thinking that we will never manage the 5k in 1 hour 10 minutes.

During the week we went for another walk on a straight path to see how we do without the zig zagging, we were a lot happier with our time this time.  We walked 3.05km in 43minutes and did not feel too bad.  This worked out at 14.3 minutes a kilometre which puts us on track for 1 hour 10 minutes for our 5k in November.

We felt so much better knowing that our goal is achievable that we have decided that we want to push it a little bit more and do our 5k in less than an hour.

So this week we will be out walking and aiming to get a 5k done in the 1 hour 10 minutes and then we will know that we only have to increase our speed to achieve our goal… if you see us out walking and we don’t stop to say hello please do not take offence!

Here’s to living the dream,

Emms x

P.S. if you would like to donate any pennies to our cause here is a link to our Just giving page.….


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