Porridge is by far one of our favourite breakfasts.  It is healthy and quick and easy to make. You can have it with a variety of toppings depending on your mood.

28g of regular porridge oats (not instant) per person.  We use 1/3cup measure to save us weighing it out every morning.

1/3 cup water and 1/3 cup milk (we use semi skimmed milk but any kind you normally use is good).

Pinch of salt

Put all the ingredients in a pan and heat it slowly until the oats are cooked about 5 minutes.


Milk and a teaspoon of sugar

Bananas and honey or maple syrup

Berry compote or any stewed fruit


Our favourite is Cranachan Porridge but it is rather decedent so we save it for birthdays or a holiday treat.

Cranachan Porridge

Porridge (as above) per person

Berry compote or fresh raspberries

Lightly whisked double cream 150ml with 25 ml of Whisky whisked in.

Tablespoon of toasted oats – toast the oats in a dry pan over a high heat for a minute, do not leave alone or they will burn.

To assemble the deliciousness:

Put the porridge in the bowl

Then the Whisky cream

Followed by the berry compote or fresh raspberries

Top it all off with toasted oats

Then tuck into the heavenly delight