All set for a challenge

Today it becomes very real as we start the official count down to our charity challenge, dog sledding in the Arctic Circle with only 516 days to go, we will be heading off on the 2nd February 2019.

When we started going to the gym to get fit and lose weight we thought that having a challenge would help us stay focused and that is where it all started. Our blog name Release the Dream stemmed from us deciding that we wanted to achieve something that we have always wanted to do. Searching for a challenge we found a Dog Sledding challenge, dog sledding and traveling to the Arctic circle is something that we have been wanting to do for some time but just not had the opportunity. One of the good things about this challenge for us is that it is an open charity challenge, that is we could nominate any charity and we wanted to raise funds for a local charity – Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund.

Eilidh Brown was a local girl who sadly passed away far too young after losing her battle with cancer, Eilidh had a dream to build a respite holiday home in the Stirling area for young people and their families. Eilidh’s parents have created the Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund to raise money so that Eilidh’s dreams could be realised. It will be a great honour for us to be able to contribute to Eilidh’s dream.

It may seem a long time to go but we want to raise as much money as possible for the Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund between now and then, aiming to raise a minimum of £12,000

Now to the challenge that we have set ourselves – Dog Sledding in Sweden, below is some details of what we will endure on our challenge;

The Dog Sledding challenge is graded as “Moderate”. This is the perfect challenge for participants who are of an adventurous spirit and an open mind, but perhaps haven’t taken on a strenuous challenge event previously and are hoping to put themselves out of their comfort zone!

The Dog Sledding Challenge you will be:

  • Sledding for around 5-7 hours per day
  • Covering approximately 180km across 5 days of hiking
  • Using your core strength to control the sled
  • Sleeping in temperatures that can reach -40 Celsius
  • Over-nighting in very basic wilderness cabins, where the toilets are outside and you will room together in one room
  • Taking charge of and looking after your own set of dogs. You will see to their needs before yours

Check out some footage from the challenge here .

This is getting all a bit real and scary now, what have we done?

In January, we set our goals for our personal challenge to lose four stone between us and get fitter, to date we have lost two and a half stone between us and we have definitely improved our fitness levels. Now that the challenge is real it is time to reset our goals ready to achieve the 180km dog sledding across the snow.

Our new goals are to lose one and a half stone each between now and the 1st May 2018, we want this to be achievable taking into consideration Emma’s condition and my love of food. Our fitness levels are harder to quantify but in January there is no way we would have considered entering a 5k run but here we are signed up for the Supernova 5k at the Kelpies in November. Click here for details of the run. Training for the 5k is going well  but we have still got a bit to go, we have got two months left and feeling positive we will make it across the line.

We have lots of plans for fundraising over the coming year, all events will be announced on our social media pages and we will keep you updated on our blog.

If you would like to donate some money please click here to find our Just Giving page. If you would like to help or support us in any other way then please contact us at

Continuing to live the dream.

Emms and Bren x

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