A training update

I haven’t been doing quite as good as I should have been recently, I have been getting up to go to the gym before work and started finding this hard going. Not going to the gym but the getting up part. I do enjoy getting to the gym in the morning a still feel the benefits. It is just that I have been feeling tired in the morning. Getting up and sitting down with breakfast before getting dressed I started to sit back and relax a bit too much feeling tired would go back to bed for another hour. Or I would wake up and turn over and go back to sleep. I have started to change my routine and that seems to be helping again. Instead of having breakfast before going to the gym, I have it prepared and take it to work with me to enjoy after a workout. I did make the mistake of putting the granola on top of my fruit and yogurt when I prepared it the night before, a wee tad soggy by the time I ate it so, as long as I remember just to add granola in the morning it is a yummy breakfast and getting up and going straight out, after getting dressed that is, I am getting back on track. There are a few mornings that I turn over and go back to sleep but I am much better at getting up and going again.

As Emma mentioned we have signed up for a 5k so now concentrating in meeting that 5km run haha, no not quite, working on the treadmill I am consistently walking at 5km/hr with a 10% incline. I am still scared to try jogging, I have spent so long not being able to run due to my knee problem that it is a difficult to take that leap and give it a go. I know that since the loose cartilage that was in my knee trapping the joint has been removed it shouldn’t lock up or give way but still I need to just try and give it a go. When out on a walk I did have a wee jog, and did manage to jog albeit with a limp and I felt a tad awkward but I know I can do it and will do it.

We have started including walking into our fitness routine and the walk round the loch at the Stirling Uni is about 2.5km so if we can make it round twice we will make the 5k. The 5k that we have entered is for all levels and if we don’t run that won’t be a problem however the challenge is now on to be able to at least run some of the way. The next training plan is to follow the couch to 5k training programme starting next week. Why not already and well no excuse really apart from the weather being so bad but yes, we are in Scotland so we just need to get on and regardless of the weather get out and try our best. I am looking forward to the 5k and would like to give the running a go. I don’t see me becoming a runner but I will be extremely happy if I manage to run so here’s to giving the running a shot and trying some jogging on the treadmill. Back at the uni today with Emma, she feels guilty about holding me back and I feel guilty about striding out ahead but today I pushed myself and left Emma at her pace. I didn’t run but power walked round twice making the 5km in 53 minutes. I feel good walking but still feel running even at the same pace as quite a challenge. The challenge of doing the 5k is for both Emma and myself and for us to work together so yep sometimes I will push myself but others I will stay with Emma and together we can try short jogs as we go.

We have another challenge before the 5k and something we can use as training for the 5k. we are two of the lucky 50,000 people that have been selected to walk over the 2.6km Queensferry crossing on the 2nd September before it opens to traffic. We had been thinking of walking over the Forth bridge so a real bonus to get to walk the new one especially as it doesn’t have pedestrian access.

My work at the gym has certainly increased since starting to work out, I haven’t continued with the stair climb as though as this is, at the moment is still too much for my knee but maybe once I have mastered some running I will get back to the stairs and master them. The intensity and duration has certainly increased as can be seen from the two graphs below showing an early workout compared to a recent work out, a difference of over 1000 moves in a workout with a much higher percentage in the high intensity band and even though my attendance has been down over the last few weeks I am really proud of my achievements at the gym and I am looking forward to increasing the number of moves again.

Onwards and upwards to 2000 moves and feeling extremely positive and proud of myself. Also lost a stone so no bad going on the weight loss too.

Continuing to live the dream,

Bren x


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