Celebrations are good for the soul!

  During the last couple of months we have attended quite a few birthday celebrations.  You don’t have any for ages then suddenly four all rock up at once.  We have been to two 50th birthday parties, an 18th birthday dinner and a birthday lunch.  They were all very different but all great fun. One of the best things about

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My mental health awareness

On October 10th 2017 it was World Mental Health Day which works to raise awareness of mental health issues and supports efforts towards better mental health.  This got me thinking about my own mental health and what I do to help myself look after my own. It is funny how I am always telling people about my condition (Panhypopituitarism) and

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My Travels abroad part 6 – Angola

  A new country and a new continent for my travels, I do enjoy being able to scratch off new places on our scratch map and some more unusual places that if it wasn’t for work I most likely wouldn’t visit. Angola certainly falls in that bracket as it is not exactly a tourist area, Angola is not an easy

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